Useful tips for your search

The general search function of the FSC Marketplace displays all FSC-certified companies and therefore the full range of potentially available suppliers of FSC certified products.

Each FSC-certified company has a default profile on the platform, which includes the company contact information as in the public FSC database. By activating its default profile with company description, logo, product descriptions and pictures, companies can create their basic profile.

For the optimization of your search, make sure you use or include product names from FSC products classification. You can have a look here

Note: group/multi-site certificate members are not included in the platform unless the Group Manager (often at the HQ) has activated its basic profile and enabled members of the group certificate to do the same.

Search for a certain product, e.g. “paper”, in the general search field. Results will display all profiles (active and default) which have the according search term in their profile or in their scope of FSC certification. Also, don’t forget to try to search using plural nouns also: you will usually get more results!

Besides a general search term (e.g. window), you can narrow down your search by using the ‘Show only active profiles’ button. This will show you only profiles which have been updated by companies.

You can also narrow down the search by using country, product type or the other available search filters.

Search by species. You can also search a product using the ‘Species’ field: just enter the Latin scientific name or English common name into the search field ‘Species.’

Use the general search on the homepage to conduct an initial search of all FSC certified companies. This general search will also search for profiles that have not yet been populated and updated. It gives an overview of potential suppliers, but not all will have product descriptions.

Search for terms that you think suppliers would use in their product descriptions and avoid abbreviations or acronyms.

To search for a company by typing in the license code, simply type in FSC-C followed by the 6 digit code. (e.g. ‘FSC-C000000’) or parts of the code (eg. C000000’ or ‘000000’).

If you have more questions or need further assistance please contact us: